A-FilmTeensFest is an international competitive festival of audiovisual works made by the young generation, aged 6 to 20, from around the world. It takes place from February 8th to March 12th 2023 on the platform The festival opening and closing will take place in Prague. We decided on this form of the festival after gaining a great experience with the online screenings of the films from the 1st year of our festival for the schools due to the Covid pandemic. Because we want to focus on work of young filmmakers, we have decided to change the age limit for the 3rd year of the festival to 20 years of age.

Audiovisual works will be divided in the following 20 basic categories according to genre and the age of the main creators:

  1. Fiction films - creators aged a) till 10, b) 11 - 14, c) 15 - 17, d) 18 - 20 years
  2. Documentaries - creators aged a) till 10, b) 11 - 14, c) 15 - 17, d) 18 - 20 years
  3. Animation - creators aged a) till 10, b) 11 - 14, c) 15 - 17, d) 18 - 20 years
  4. Experimental videos - creators aged a) till 10, b) 11 - 14, c) 15 - 17, d) 18 - 20 years
  5. Other works - creators aged a) till 10, b) 11 - 14, c) 15 - 17, d) 18 - 20 years

Film fans from all over the world can apply. Films from abroad and the Czech Republic will compete together. The following topics have priority for us: Love (in various forms), Family and relationships, Nature and climate changes, Cyberworld, Christian values, themes against bullying, violence, discrimination, racism, the youth participation in public affairs etc. The year of production is not important.

Other works.

Music videos, jingles, advertisements, clips, video games. These are the formats you can submit on our festival to the category “others”.

Were you locked down and didn´t know what to do? Did you maybe try to make your own project but it is still a work in progress? No problem, we also accept these types of works in order to show various projects made by youngers to boost up the confidence after the hard year (years) we all have been having.

Deadlines of applications in 2022:

  • Early Bird 1st of April 2022
  • Early deadline 1st of June 2022
  • Regular deadline 1st of July 2022
  • Late deadline 15th of September 2022
  • (Extended) late deadline 1st of November 2022
  • Very late deadline 1st of December 2022

The videos will be available online in approximately 30 - 35 min. sections. The sections of the audiovisual works will be drawn up according to the spectators’ ages: 1) up to 7 years, for those who do not read yet 2) 8 - 10 years, 3) 11 - 13 years, 4) 14 - 16 years, 5) 16 - 20 years. If the proposal of films will allow it, we will also form the sections for each of these age groups related to their topics. The films will have optional Czech and English subtitles. The program will be complemented by accompanying programs, as Q&A, talk shows and workshops.

  • Other information about the festival and applications you find in sections ABOUT and REGULATIONS.
  • You can apply your film HERE.

We look forward for your great films! :)