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TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR SUBMITTING audiovisual work (hereinafter "the work"):

  1. The main creators and authors of the work are children and young people from all over the world between the ages of 6 and 20. Adults should cooperate on no more than 40% of the work, the majority should be done by the creators (under the age of 20) themselves.

  2. Any film fan can submit work. It does not matter whether the creator made the work alone or if it was produced within a school, workshop, camp etc. (groups can collaborate on work).

  3. The maximum length of the work is 25 minutes (if longer, write to us, we will try to find a solution).

  4. The year of production is not important.

  5. The application fee depends on the submission date (see below). Registration is possible via

  6. Work will be selected by professionals. Registration of the work does not mean automatic selection for the festival. A work that is not accepted for the competition may be screened as non-competitive.

  7. We give priority to the following topics: Love (in various forms), Family and relationships, Nature and climate change, Cyberworld, Christian values and themes against bullying, violence, discrimination, racism etc. Don't be afraid to submit work on other topics as well. But videos promoting addictive substances, any type of violence, racism and other inappropriate topics will not be accepted.

  8. The conditions for accepting the work for the festival selection are the proper completion and forwarding of the application form, and submission of the work in the appropriate format mentioned below. Please provide the required materials according to the instructions - it will facilitate the creation of the catalog, the organization of the festival and the promotion of the work. If you do not have any of the materials available, let us know when you will deliver them. In "Instructions for completing the form" you find information on which materials are optional.


Early Bird: 1st of April 2022

Early deadline: 1st of June 2022

Regular deadline: 1st of July 2022

Late deadline: 15th of September 2022

(Extended) late deadline: 1st of November 2022

Very late deadline: 1st of December 2022

Our bank account for sending the fees: Poštovní spořitelna, ČSOB a.s., address: Radlická 33/ 150, 150 57 Praha 5. IBAN: 2803000000000282762926, BIC: CEKOCZPP, Name: Adonai for People o.p.s.


Main: 1) fiction, 2) documentaries, 3) animation, 4) experimental, 5) other works. The "other works" category includes ads, jingles, clips, music videos, computer graphics, etc., unless they are suitable for the "experimental" or "animation".

Subcategories according to the age of the creators: a) up to 10 years, b) 11 - 14 years, c) 15 - 17 years, d) 18 - 20 years.


If you have versions of the work and show reel with English or Spanish subtitles (one of them could also be in your mother tongue), send them to us too. Otherwise, we will produce subtitles in English and Spanish. If you have dialogue lists of the work and show reel in your mother tongue and perhaps also in English and Spanish, send them to us too.

VIDEO FORMATS (for the work and show reel)

Please deliver in MP4 format, we will convert all other formats to it.
Video: AVC - H.264 codec (other formats will be converted to it), min. bitrate 5Mbps, distinction of min. fullHD (1020x1080), in other cases letterbox

Audio: AAC codec, min. bitrate 192kbs, stereo - number of channels


The best way is to record your work in the original language, and if possible, also with English and Spanish subtitles in the above-mentioned format, and all the other materials (photos, key art/poster, dialogue lists of the work in your original language and also in English and Spanish, show reel in the original version and if possible with English and Spanish subtitles) to our Cloud space: If technical problems will appear, send all the materials and information at e-mail: (if you cannot send them via e-mail, upload them via WeTransfer etc.).


  1. The application form should be completed and sent by a person or an organization related to the creation of the work.

  2. Ideally the title in English and Spanish should be filled in yourself, because the meaning of the title in your mother tongue may not correspond to an exact translation. Otherwise, we will translate it without a guarantee of absolute accuracy.

  3. Please specify the length of the work exactly in seconds.This will make it easier to create proper screening blocks.

  4. The „main creators“ and authors are: the director, the actors in main roles, the cinematographer, the editor and the sound engineer. If one of the roles was performed by more than one person, or one person represented more than one role, or produced the entire film alone, state this as clearly as possible. The reason for that is we want to place a film in the right competition category.

  5. The „other creators“ link relates to other people under the age of 20 who participated (supporting roles, assistants, etc.). It is appropriate to state their function and age.

  6. We want to know the form and quantity (as an approximate percentage) of cooperation of adults in the process of creating the work. This is important for us during its assessment. Provide names, contacts (if you can and have them) and the functions of participating adults (eg. lecturers, teachers, supervisors, etc.).

  7. Contacting the person or organization (including the contact person) who submits the work is important for further communication regarding the use of the work within the festival - therefore fill in only valid contacts.

  8. Contact with the main creators under the age of 20 (and/or their legal representatives) is crucial for sending our info about film acceptance, Q&A, awards, etc., by respecting the rules specified in the Declaration below.

  9. A brief description (synopsis) of the work: describe most accurately what your work is about, what is its content, the main idea etc. The synopsis is important for the promotion of your work and its presentation in the festival catalog!

  10. The bio and filmography of the main creators: the place and year of the birth, what school they go to and graduated from, their hobbies, workshops they attended, etc. (= bio); state which film they have already worked on, their functions in them, etc. (= filmography). It is important for Q&A and further promotion of the work.

  11. The circumstances of the origin of the work: eg. what was the motivation to create it, how its basic idea arose, where and under which conditions the work originated, etc. It is important for Q&A (online interview with creators) and promotion of the work.

  12. Other info: any complementary info about the creation of the work that you consider essential, interesting and would like to share with the public. This is important for us, mainly for preparation for the Q&A, but it is optional.

  13. How to send the work: describe how you want to send it (via or otherwise, eg. WeTransfer), maybe write an online link here (eg. Youtube, etc.).

  14. Photographs of main creator/s: send at least 1 photo of the main creator, and/or also photos of the other main creators (1 photo of one person). Ideal size: 1MB. Indicate how many photos you are sending and how (our cloud space, etc.). You can deliver them after submitting the work.

  15. Photographs from the film: send at least 2 quality photos, ideally more. It should give a clear idea of the work (we recommend choosing an artistically interesting scene that tells us more about the main idea of the work, other photos can also be from the shooting). Ideal size: 1MB. Indicate how many photos are you sending and how (our Cloud space, etc.). You can deliver them after submitting the work.

  16. Key art is the main visual motive for creating the poster and promoting the work, it also can be a key photo of the work. If you have a poster, send it too. Distinction: around 5MB. Indicate whether and how you send it/them. You can deliver it later, it is optional.

  17. The dialogue list is a written transcript of all spoken language in the work, including interjections and opening and closing titles. It is important to indicate time beginnings (in exact seconds) of individual sentences. Write if and how (our Cloud space, etc.) you send it. We need it in your language and, if possible, in English and Spanish (one of them can be also your mother tongue), because it simplifies the production of subtitles. It is optional.

  18. The show reel is the approx. 30 sec. edited introduction of the work which represents it. The version also with English/Spanish subtitles is appreciated (if you don´t have it, send us dialogue lists in your language, also in English and Spanish if possible). State if you send it and how (our Cloud space, etc.). It is optional.

  19. Once you have filled out the form, you should confirm that you agree with all the festival regulations and processing of all the stated data.

  20. For uploading files to our Cloud space, you can find an explanation after opening this link: First fill in the name of the work and the name of its representative. Then click on "Next step" and drag all the materials to the platform or add them by using "Add file" and then click on "Upload files". When the upload is finished, "Upload successful" will appear and you can close the link.


Twenty basic prizes will be awarded: in each of the five main categories 4 prizes according to the age of the creators. On average interesting works will receive the following 8 awards: Ben Barenholtz Award, Vojtěch Jasný Award, Best International Film, Best Czech Out-of-school Film, Best Czech School Film and three Audience Awards. If eligible, there will be seven additional honorable mentions. Winners will receive graphically modified certificates and prizes from festival sponsors. The awarded films will be decided by a jury of professionals.


Creators will be informed by the organizer about their participation at accompanying and other programs of the festival, which will be Q&A (online interviews with the creators), announcement of given awards etc. Therefore, in your own interest, state the contacts that are valid and that you use.


ADONAI for People o.p.s., Kodicilova 258/6, 108 00 Praha 10 - Malešice
Tel: + 420 603822181, + 420 775783777


(It should be clearly written on the mail: "For cultural purposes only, it has no commercial value." Its stated value should be max. 10 EUR.)

DECLARATION of the creators of the work and/or their legal representatives:

1. The creators and/or their legal representatives declare that they are entitled to register the work at A-FilmTeensFest (hereinafter the "organizer" or "festival") and to grant all the permits described below that are related to its use and distribution. They declare that they give the organizer permission to use all the submitted materials for festival promotional and organizational purposes, and to give the organizer and any other third party cooperating with the organizer the right to shoot and photograph the appearance and voice of the creators for the promotional reasons of the festival and the work.

2. The creators and/or their legal representatives declare that they have, and are handling, all copyright, screening, and other rights related to the production and distribution of the work and are fully responsible for this. The creators of work submitted and selected for the festival have the right to use the name and logo of the festival in their promotional and personal materials (portfolio, etc.).

3. The creators and/or their legal representatives agree to be added to the list of e-mail contacts of the organizer. Their names and e-mails may also be shared with third-party partners for the purpose of promoting the festival, with other international festivals, etc. If they do not agree, they will notify the organizer who is obliged to take this into account and not to use their names and contacts.

4. If the work is accepted for the festival, the creators and/or their legal representatives grant the organizer the non-exclusive rights to screen, promote and distribute the work, including online screenings, and in full as the organizer plans. In case of disagreement with this, they will send to the organizer in writing and in time a prohibition on the use of the work. They agree that the organizer may use the work within other distribution opportunities of the festival, and they will not receive any compensation from the organizer for the use of the work in accordance with the stated regulations and conditions. They also accept that the organizer can ask them to sign further distribution agreements, which they have free will to accept or reject. The organizer hereby does not hold/acquire any copyright or ownership rights to the work.

5. If the creators are under the age of 18, their legal representatives must agree with all the stated rules and conditions. Where relevant, the legal representatives of the underage creators understand and acknowledge that they agree to all the rules and conditions set forth herein for the creators of whom they are the legal representatives. The creators and/or their legal representatives acknowledge that the proper submission of the application to the organizer constitutes the agreement regarding the described use of the work between the organizer and the creators and/or their legal representatives and so their approval to the stated regulations and conditions.

GDPR RULES (for creators from EU)

The organizers of the festival consider the protection and confidentiality of the provided personal data to be important. The personal data of the creators and their legal representatives and other persons will be processed and used only in accordance with valid legal regulations. The creators and their legal representatives have the right to revoke their consent granted to the organizer for the purposes of processing and use of their personal data. In other cases, they have the right to file an objection to the processing of their personal data, and have the right to access, rectify or delete their personal data, restrict its processing or portability. In case of revocation of the consent to the use of personal data, filing an objection or utilization of any of the mentioned rights, the creators or their legal representatives will contact the organizer at the aforementioned e-mail addresses.